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About Be Sharp Guitars

Be Sharp Guitars was established because we love servicing the instruments that make music we enjoy. Let us help you perfect the tools that make the sounds you want. Understanding the technology behind an instrument and making it your own makes your music making more intimate, and fun!

We strive to give our clients specialized attention. We pay attention to even the smallest detail in all of our service. Be Sharp Guitars was founded on the commitment of “nothing but the best service”.

We are excited to take on any stringed instrumental project you have.  Come to our building to discuss your objective and we will do our best to accomplish your goal within your budget.

The following is a list of some of the service we provide:

-Repairs on acoustic, bass and electric guitars

-Adjustments to specific player preferences on guitars.

-Basic setup on violins.

-Customization of electronics in guitars. (Custom pickups,rewiring, coil taps, in/out phase\ switch, kill switch etc.)

Be Sharp Guitars has a musical rental program. We can provide a great array of instruments including guitars, violins and many types of wind instruments. We also provide you with any material and other services you would need for these instruments. Please come in and let us help you get started on a new instrument.